1. How do snag the pictures on your blog if I want to CASE one of your cards?

On the new blog a couple of fiddly things have changed. It seems that in order to allow Pinning, it makes it difficult to do a ‘save as’ for those who like to snag pictures of the cards for your files. What you can do is click the Pin It button then Pinterest will open and you can simply right click and select the ‘save as’ option to save directly to your computer. :-) 

2. How do you send your cards without maiming the bow?

Check out this post to see how I mail this card with dimensional butterflies and a bow – HERE.
I have a video showing how I package bulky cards HERE.

3. How do I find your Giveaway Winners Page?

To find the Giveaway Winners Page – look up at the top menu under features and you’ll find it is the last item on the list :-)

4. I can’t find a particular post, can you help me?

Simply put a word you remember from the post into my search box.  It’s also pretty easy to find by looking through the galleries – by color or by brand will yield pretty narrow searches.  

5. Where do you find envelopes for your large cards?

I make them using an envelope score board.

6. Do you make custom cards?

Not right now, I run a one woman show and time just doesn’t permit the time and care it takes to make custom.

7. I’m having trouble getting paper out of my intricate die template – what should I do?

Rub wax paper over your die template and you’ll find that the paper releases quite easily.  If it is an especially intricate die template, consider cutting with a layer of wax paper (closest to the die) and your cardstock at the same time.  Some more intricate dies call for two passes where on each pass you turn the die 90 degrees.  If you continue to experience challenges with a particular die, the experts at customer service for that specific die have more tips up their sleeves.

8. On your Hinge Technique, I can’t cut two thicknesses, what should I do?

Some of the die cut machines with plastic gears do not exert enough pressure to cut through two intricate layers.  As it is, even when I use a Grand Calibur, Big Shot or Ebosser I have to run it through two times making sure to hit the sweet spot (the area with the most pressure) on that particular die cut machine.  I have the best luck on the hinge with my Ebosser and I would imagine it is because of the pressure.  Now, having said that, most times I get a cut that is 97% in other words I have to go through and cut two or three little places to release a shape that multiple times through the die cutting machine simply won’t get.  This is the reason that only 1 – 1-1/2 inch is used for the hinge – it’s enough for attachment but not too much to have to cut through and tidy up?

9. How do I find out what you used on a card?

At the end of the post I list a supply list.  There I tell you what I know about the products I’ve used.

10.  What equipment do you use to photograph your cards?

Check out this detailed post HERE.

11.  What is Day of Giving Friday?

During July 2015 I gave a card away every day to a reader picked from all who left a comment on the post of the card they wanted to win – you can see all the 30 Days of Giving Posts HERE. It was my way to give back to the awesome readers that visit www.amazingpapergrace.com.  Readers enjoyed the posts and the thought provoking questions asked on the post and encouraged me to keep the event going, so every Friday is a Day of Giving.  You can win the card posted and identified as a Day of Giving card by leaving a comment on the Day of Giving post.  A winner will be posted the next day on my Giveaway Page.  The winner simply needs to claim their prize by sending me their mailing address and I’ll mail it to them anywhere in the world.