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Day 14 – 30 Days of Giving and a New Card

Hi there friends, so I wanted to change up things just a teensy tiny bit and offer a new card  and oh, a crafting tip!  Also, this is the

One Box, Three Occasions – Day 3

Good morning sweet friends! Today is the final day of the series One Box, Three Occasions; the occasion I chose to highlight today is a

So Grateful for You Card

Good morning sweet friends!  This week JustRite Papercraft  has been showing new releases for the month of August so I created a gratitude

Don’t Forget About Mom!

Greetings Blog Friends!  Guess what’s right around the corner?  Yep!  Lol, don’t let it sneak up on you.  What better occasion

The Magic of A Smile

Hiya Friends!  Jumping in to share a card after being MIA for a bit.  April is passing so quickly but since the last time I was here, the

The Voice of the Garden

Greetings friends!  If I said the word “Spring” would you that help you understand where my mind has been?  Yes, you are