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Saying Goodbye to a Favorite Die…

Hi there friends or rather hey, yall!  Today finds me creating at my desk, I’m editing dies, creating new dies and much, much more!

Day of Giving Friday: Friends are Kind

Hello y’all!  Spring really faked us out, hunh?  No worries, one thing I know for sure is that it is coming – I have good

Day of Giving Friday: Grace Be With You

Hello sweet friends!  Truly, grace be with you . . . this is a stamp that has been sitting on the counter for some time.   I’ve

Day of Giving Friday: Spring Has Returned

Hello sweet friends! Spring has returned right?  Maybe that’s why I can’t concentrate, it’s too, too lovely outside.  I

Day of Giving Friday: You are So Loved

Hello sweet friends!  I’m popping in today with a new card and simply to say hi.  I’m ticking along in the background, while

Day of Giving Friday: The Holidays are Coming

News flash:  I’m getting caught up – Nine new card winners have been listed on my Giveaway Page – they have an * in

Day of Giving Friday: Something Wonderful is About to Happen

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen!  It was like a miracle that I got home and that stamp was sitting in my mailbox

Day of Giving Friday: Do Something Creative

Good morning sweet friends!   Popping in today to share another card for Day of Giving Friday.  Since I’m at CHA I thought the

Take Wing and Fly – Plus a Sneak Peek – Contest Alert

Sweet friends it’s a glorious morning!  I’m so tickled to share something with you today that is truly from my heart (and

Day of Giving Friday: Thinking of You

Good morning sweet friends!   Tickled to be peeking in today and wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about our winners

Day of Giving Friday: Just Living is Not Enough

Happy Holidays!  I’m peeking in just in time for the last Day of Giving Friday of 2016.  Shhh….I have a house full of company

Day of Giving Friday: What You Set Your Heart Upon

Beware what you set your heart upon.  For it surely shall be yours.  Oh, if only it were that easy, right?  Hi friends, I just wanted to