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Becca Bit: Round Folded Flower Embellishment

Hi there you sweet things!!  Ugh, I know I’m scarce, I’m working on some stuff behind the scenes but I took a break to make a

Becca Bit: My Thrifty Light Tent

Hi there!  I’ve received so many requests to share the equipment that I use to photograph cards and today I finally pulled

Becca Bit: Distress Ink Blenders Storage

Hi Stampers: Recently I shared a palette I made using Distress Inks.  I was tickled with my solution because I can keep the palette within

Becca Bit: Right Angle Punching – Part 1

Hi there, I’m excited today because I have a new technique to get immersed in.  I call it right angle punching and it opens up a

Tie a Pretty Collar Bow

Happy Monday!!!  Your last comments had me howling.  Y’all are so funny!   Some of you even leave comments on the comments someone

2010 Tutorial on Frugal Palette for Reinkers -

Perfect Reinker Palette

Hi there.  I was a busy bee today and wanted to show one of things I worked on.  I’ve found what I think is a perfect palette for my

Becca Bit: Fudging Small Borders

Hello there.  While I had it on my mind I wanted to go ahead and do the video for how I made the small Layered Arches Borders on a recent

Becca Bit – Tight Mats

Okay, several of you have emailed to ask how I get such tight or thin mats on some of my Spellbinders Projects.  It’s a quick and

Double Tied Bow – NEW!!

So I have something new to show you.  I’m snickering just a little bit like a mischevious little girl.  I sneaked this out on you

Becca Bit: ID Tag Box

Hello there!!!  Many of you asked that I share how to make the ID Tag Box and I promised I would.  Of course it has many, many uses and I

Becca Bit: Lattice Basket Template

I know, finally, right?  Here is a guide for making the base of the Lattice basket.  If you’re not familiar with the basket, you can

Quick Cards: They Don’t All Have to be Masterpieces

Hey peeps!  I have a best practices kind of tip for you today. This is common sense and I’m sure many of you already do this,