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Honeycomb Ornament Tutorial

Hi there!! You asked for it, you got it!! Here is the Honeycomb Ornament Tutorial. Since we are past Christmas, I made up another

Spellbinders Big Event: Day Four

The contest on this blog is now closed; good luck!  Spellbinders will be announcing winners. SPELLBINDERS BIG EVENT!! Blog

Becca Bit: Round Folded Flower Embellishment

Hi there you sweet things!!  Ugh, I know I’m scarce, I’m working on some stuff behind the scenes but I took a break to make a

Becca Bit: My Thrifty Light Tent

Hi there!  I’ve received so many requests to share the equipment that I use to photograph cards and today I finally pulled

Becca Bit: Distress Ink Blenders Storage

Hi Stampers: Recently I shared a palette I made using Distress Inks.  I was tickled with my solution because I can keep the palette within

Becca Bit: Right Angle Punching – Part 1

Hi there, I’m excited today because I have a new technique to get immersed in.  I call it right angle punching and it opens up a

Tie a Pretty Collar Bow

Happy Monday!!!  Your last comments had me howling.  Y’all are so funny!   Some of you even leave comments on the comments someone

Perfect Reinker Palette

Hi there.  I was a busy bee today and wanted to show one of things I worked on.  I’ve found what I think is a perfect palette for my

Becca Bit: Fudging Small Borders

Hello there.  While I had it on my mind I wanted to go ahead and do the video for how I made the small Layered Arches Borders on a recent

Becca Bit – Tight Mats

Okay, several of you have emailed to ask how I get such tight or thin mats on some of my Spellbinders Projects.  It’s a quick and

Double Tied Bow – NEW!!

So I have something new to show you.  I’m snickering just a little bit like a mischevious little girl.  I sneaked this out on you

Becca Bit: ID Tag Box

Hello there!!!  Many of you asked that I share how to make the ID Tag Box and I promised I would.  Of course it has many, many uses and I