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Decorative Border Folded Envelope Tutorial

Hi there blog friends, conquering another item I’ve had on the side of my desk for months.  Are your ready to do more scoring and

Tutorial: Christmas Tree Box

Hi there blog friends. Yes, I know I’ve been missing. I decided to try to conquer the new (had it since January) HD video camera and

Becca Bit: Lining Up All Over the Page Punches

Hi blog friends!!  I had some time this afternoon, so as many of you have asked, I’ve done a video on the basics of lining up the All

Becca Bit: Punching Frames

Hi there blog friends!  I have a Becca Bit to share with you today that’s a spin off of the card I did yesterday with the punched

Becca Bit: Putting Together Pocket Card

Hi there blog friends! Several of you asked me to show how I put together the pocket card. It’s easy and doesn’t take much

Tutorial: Flower of the Loom

Hey Peg Bow Maker, meet Flower Loom :-)  Seriously, your husbands and boyfriends are going to tire of me I think, lol!!  Well so many of

Becca Bit: Making Straight Cuts

Oh wow!!  So many of you asked how I used the triangle ruler with my Tonic Cutter so I thought I would give you a very brief demo and more

Tutorial: Becca’s Button Caddy

Today I’m sharing a sweet little tutorial that has been on my to do list for a long time.   It’s so easy, I don’t know

Becca Bit: Gift Bag with Half Cut Technique

Hi there, while I’m making a little gift this morning I thought I would share this half cut technique (I also call it partial

Becca Bit: Every Time a Bell Rings, an Angel . . .

The question that I get all the time is about the stick pins that I use – what are the supplies and where do I get them. Recently I

Honeycomb Ornament Tutorial

Hi there!! You asked for it, you got it!! Here is the Honeycomb Ornament Tutorial. Since we are past Christmas, I made up another

Spellbinders Big Event: Day Four

The contest on this blog is now closed; good luck!  Spellbinders will be announcing winners. SPELLBINDERS BIG EVENT!! Blog