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True Gift

Hi there sweet blog friends, popping in to share a quick card.   I’ve been scarce for the last week, but I’m in the middle of

Spellbinders Explore Beyond Blog Frenzy Day 5

Greeting blog friends!!  Welcome to the Spellbinders Explore Beyond Blog Frenzy and Giveaway!  I have two projects to share with you

Heart of Life

Big hugs and greetings blog friends!  I hope your week is off to a magnificent start :-)   While I’m blissfully getting back into

Subtle Elegant Texture

Good morning blog friends!  I’m overwhelmed by your reaction to the box I last posted.  Many of you asked where the tutorial will be

An Ordinary Life

Sweet blog friends, what a wonderful conversation we had about lighting.  More people use a light tent than I thought, but many of you are

Footprints on our Hearts

Greetings blog friends!  I have an all purpose, feel good, friend card to share with one of my favorite sentiments.   Actually, now that I

Christmas Waves a Magic Wand

Sweet blog friends, I hope you are embarking on a fabulous Monday!!   Me? There are lots of little projects on my desk and I’m

We Remember

Do you all remember an old song from the 60’s – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me?   I had to laugh because I have a die

Tinkering with Two Tones

Hello there blog friends!  Well, it’s just a tone week isn’t it?  When I made my card yesterday I had a couple of other cards

Something Good is Always On The Way

You’re gonna think I’m chatty today.  I actually wrote this last week but got sidelined for a few days with an issue. 

Rescued from the Garbage Can

Yes it’s true!  Remember last week when I told you I had to clear a path to get to my table?  This was one of the items that kept

Happy Graduation Lauren

Hi there blog friends, so I have a story to tell you and need your help.  My sweet daughter is graduating from college tomorrow with her