A Word about AllDeco Punches

I’ve had a lot of email with questions about the AllDeco punches as well as conversation about where to get them.    I’ve not been able to find an online review of them but there are several things I can tell you. 


What is it?

This is a modular system that comes with a punch holder that is made of two pieces (held together magnetically) and punches divided into two pieces.  The bottom of the punch is seated in the bottom of the holder and the top of the punch is seated in the top of the holder. 


How does it work?

To punch, you begin with your bottom holder and arrange your paper next followed by the top holder.  This allows you to punch anywhere on a page.   The holder allows the top and bottom pieces to pivot through 360 degrees so that you can punch on four sides of a motif making a square or circle.


The upside?

You can punch anywhere on a piece of paper and the designs are gorgeous.  The modular design is space saving and convenient.


The downside?

The punch is finicky about the weight of paper it will punch through.  A text weight paper like typing paper will work however it balks at cardstock.  I’ve been able to use very thin cardstocks, but nothing heavy.  The top punch holder feels very fragile and I’m sure that pushing on this issue will cause it to break.  Readers have also said that the punches are expensive.


Where have I used them?

If you haven’t been a part of the dialogue, these are the posts where I have used these punches.



Where to begin to look?

Several vigilant readers have scoped out sites where they have seen the elusive AllDeco Punch.  They have reported that the punches which are made internationally but are no longer being produced.  Several have also said that the punches themselves are available the punch holders are not – that leads me to believe that the top piece breaks very easily and that some users have purchased an additional holder. 


Please understand, I do not know these vendors and cannot vouch for them.  I am happy to share these web addresses forwarded by readers and I thought it best to publish them in one place for those who want to explore.  For those who have emailed, I hope this answers your questions and please forgive the delay in answering. 




ETA:  Sorry, this post has been hung in my queue for two days.  It’s not your imagination that it’s from Thursday :-) Also, I’ve kept comments on this one closed since it’s for info only.