Spellbinders Ruffled Flower Medallion Tutorial

Do you remember this ensemble?  Well so many people asked how to make it that I finally have the tutorial ready.  Here we go!!

Supply List:

Spellbinders Large Scalloped Octagons Scissors
Two sided design paper Invisible tape
Bone folder or optional Scorpal Long reach hole punch
Large Brad or Threaded Button Glue Dots

A friendly reminder, it takes a lot to put together pics and such for tutorials and I offer this tutorial up in the spirit of sharing.  Most people are grateful and offer credit where credit is due.  Because others may want to sample my other tutorials, I encourage and welcome link backs to this tutorial, you do not have to ask permission.

Using Spellbinders Scalloped Large Octagons, cut/emboss one of the largest size, cut/emboss three of the second largest size and cut/emboss three of the second from smallest size.  Set the largest scalloped octagon aside, we will use it later.

(Optional) To prepare your cut shapes for scoring, align the flat edge of the scalloped octagon shape with the top of your Scorpal.

Score straight down through the shape.  This score line will fall between the second and third scallop on each flat side of the octagon.

Each scalloped octagon will have four scored lines.

Using a long reach punch, set a hole in the center of each octagon, this will prevent the paper from tearing when folding.  Then snip along one score line down to the center cut hole.

Fold each of the three pieces of the medallion.  The first fold will be a mountain fold where the fold will rise above the cut edge.

Alternate mountain folds with valley folds so that each piece looks the same as that shown below.

With a bone folder, burnish the edge of each fold so they are sharp and crisp.

Using invisible scotch tape, place one piece of tape underneath your first piece of medallion with the sticky side facing up.  The tape will end up on the underneath side of the medallion and fairly inconspicuous.

Marry the second piece of your medallions to the first by placing side by side on the upward facing sticky side of the tape.

Do the same with each seam.  There will be a total of three seams.

Cut a center hole in the scalloped octagon piece that we set aside.

Put glue dots on the bottom of your medallion.  I found that six glue dots was plenty, one on every other fold.

Flip medallion over and secure it to the bottom piece that had been set aside.

Construct another medallion using the three small scalloped octagons


Seat the smaller medallion on top of the larger medallion, matching folds.

Put an embellishment like a brad or threaded button through the aligned center holes.

Voila!!!  Your medallion is finished, it just needs to be adhered to something.  These can be made in any size and can also be made with round scallops however the scalloped octagons are easier to work with and look prettier in my humble opinion.  You can add as many layers as you want and if you want a more rufflier medallion, thow in another folded piece.

Here’s what I did with this one.  I’m done buying bows for gift bags — too often the bow cost more than the bag . . .  Now I have a very cost effective alternative.  I hope you enjoy making medallions, once you get used to the process, they move along very quickly.

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    Totally speechless when I saw you graceful heart corner punch is not working on corners, but being a round-about-fence to the JustRite-stamped-circled Valentine heart.

    And you are absolutely right, the octagon spellbinder, so some of the “petals” are standing out, and make them look more “wave-y”

    It is amazing grace that our Heavenly Father has gift-en to you. Glory be to Him.

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    This beautiful and I want to make one however…since the general public will not have access to the Octagons until mid March would you be able to share with us how to make the flower with the scalloped circles as well?



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    this is a very beautiful flower and easy to follow instructions. i have put off purchasing spellbinder dies for one simple reason (ok, 2 reasons). i bought the first wizard and tried as hard as i could to make it work for me. my problem lies in my arthritis. i did not know that they would come out with a much easier to handle red one later on. so i simply forgot about them. as of late (the last year at least) i have noticed them more and more and more on so many pieces of art. i am now going to start investing in them little by little and i like the set you used for these flowers. you have helped me decide which to buy first. thank you for the tutorial and the decision-making process.ReplyCancel

  • Tami WoolleyAugust 17, 2010 - 9:08 am

    Thanks for the tutorial! These are AMAZING!!ReplyCancel

  • Carole M.November 14, 2010 - 5:09 am

    thankyou for sharing your excellent tutorial; it’s a very eye-catching embellishment and I look forward to trying it too.ReplyCancel