Organizing Again

I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you so that you can see one of the tasks we finished during my mothers visit.  In fact, she did quite a bit of the work.  I have quite a few of the original sizzix die cuts – you know, the bulky ones – and because I had to search through each an every one to find what I wanted to use, I rarely ventured there.  


Mom  ran each of them through  my Cuttlebug to get a sample and glued them down to paper, numbered them and filed in sheet protectors in a notebook. 

We put the corresponding number on the spine of the die so that it can be located easily.  The reference book is kept at my desk and when I need to find a particular die now, I can get to it in seconds instead of the hunting for considerably longer .

 I know this seems so simple, but I could never find the time to do it.  It was a great investment and I have many similar projects like this to tackle.  One by one,….  Part of the triumph of finishing, is getting to share.

Thanks for stopping by. 

  • JanineJune 11, 2008 - 5:45 am

    WOW !!! Doesn’t it feel good to get stuff like this done!!
    Looking forward to your next creation with these dies!!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon in NEJune 11, 2008 - 8:14 am

    Do you rent out your mom by the hour or day? I could really use that help!!ReplyCancel

  • Kay McBrideJune 11, 2008 - 8:39 am

    nice job. I have been org. myself some more ribbon, and things i get in kits. it does take time but is well worth it when u are done. love this idea. i dont have that many so it would not take me too long. LOL . I will share this. for my clear stamps i get at michaels and single ones not in sets. I got baseball card sheet protectors and put a round sticky velco dot at the top of each insert, so i can put those $1 stamp sets from michaels into a compartment and my single ones like from autumn leaves pink paisley etc… by putting the velcro they dont slip out when u turn the pages. and i put them in a 3 ring binder… how bout that!! course im sure u already have a wonderful system… i also did that with little pieces of ribbon i get in kits and wrapped the ribbon on little 1X2 pieces of thin chipboard/cardboard. then labeled the compartement with what kit the ribbons came with. usally i can fit 2-3 ribbons in one compartment. then they go into a 3 ring binder. now i just need to figure out have to store other stuff…
    have a great dayReplyCancel

  • DebJune 12, 2008 - 2:30 pm

    You would have made one heck of a good librarian !!!! Now all you need to do is copy & distribute your catalog – add check-out cards to each case – & check them out to us (for a fee of course) – hint – hint !!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • MarciJune 13, 2008 - 8:47 am

    Would love to know what type of shelving you are using for your sizzix dies. Thanks, Marci.ReplyCancel

  • heather the mooseloverJune 14, 2008 - 8:30 pm

    Great organizational idea. Sometimes the simplest ideas help the most.ReplyCancel

  • Becca FeekenJune 14, 2008 - 10:21 pm

    Marci, I found that a large CD cabinet works perfectly because the shelves are adjustable. This one was destined for the trashbin because it was so large and I had nowhere to fit it in the house – I think the original size was 32″ wide and 50″ tall. Then it went to my studio where we sawed it in half, replaced the top and snugged it under the end of my work table where it is totally out of the way at 32″ wide and 30″ tall. I hope this helps!ReplyCancel

  • Charlene Austin (Willow01)June 15, 2008 - 8:33 pm

    I don’t have any Sizzix….BUT….can you send your mom over so she can help me with my ribbon???? LOL. Speaking of organization…as you know I still want to do the ribbon storage like yours. I was at Michaels but could not find sheets of the mat board. Did you buy it off the shelf or from the custom framing dept?? Have a great day my friend!!ReplyCancel

  • Victoria MartinJuly 3, 2008 - 11:40 am

    wow this could also be used to tame the stamps everywhere !!
    I like it thanksReplyCancel

  • NancyJonesOctober 5, 2008 - 8:51 am

    Does your mom do house calls? I could sure use her to do my scrap room hahahahaha. This is amazing!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Anne PavloskyNovember 6, 2008 - 12:25 pm

    BECCA, this is really a great way to organize the big dies. You and your Mother are trully talented.. Thanks for sharing all your amazing, wonderful ideas. Your card take my breath away they are so well done and thought out. I truly thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • KathleenNovember 18, 2008 - 8:23 pm

    Great idea. Sounds like the sort of thing I’d do and DH would sneer and say it was just another list to add to all the others!!
    Must do something like this with all my stamps too!!

  • SandyFebruary 8, 2009 - 10:51 pm

    That is a very good idea. I have sizzix, but never saw any of the ones you show here. If I had seen those I would have bought alot more. LOL Where did you get them if I may ask. Thanks

  • michelleJuly 21, 2010 - 1:41 pm

    becca this is how i catalog all of my SU stamp sets..
    next on the list…my ridiculous collection of sizzix dies..
    having the binder to refer to is so easy.and keeps me organized