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Designer Christmas Soaps Using JustRite

by on December 16, 2009

Oh gosh, I know you are going to think this bizarre, but I’ve had this on my idea list for almost a year and I’m tickled that I could finally put it to the test.  What I’m showing today are custom soaps that I’ve stamped on with my JustRite Stamps – in a sense.  In my stash I had the neatest product that I finally was able to test out.  The product is Graphix Rub-onz and what it allows you to do is to make a rub-on of things you stamp (or print) so that you you can actually apply the rub on to the surface of your choice.  

I made my own soaps because I wanted the round and square shapes to match with the newly released 2" Square Decorative Frames and Decorative 2" Round Wide Borders from JustRite.   Then I sat down and stamped out four round borders and four square borders and used images from JustRite’s A Merry Little Christmas Borders and Centers to fill the centers.  For each border I used a Tombow marker and huffed before stamping.  For each center I used Memento Tuxedo Black Ink then colored with Copic Markers.   To wrap them up, I used a tall cellophane bag (about 10" tall) and cut the end off.  I twisted both ends, like on a piece of hard candy and tied ribbons on each end.  That wrapping still lets you see the face of the soap and makes a really balanced presentation with the ribbon on both ends.

Now really these soaps are more for decoration than anything but they can be used.  Once wet, the decal that is left from the rub on will peel off.   Here is the packaging for the rub-ons.  The instructions on the package are excellent and very easy to navigate.  


ETA:  This type of soap was simple to make.  The stock that you purchase at Michaels is premade and you only need to add fragrance if you want.  It get heated in the microwave for about a minute then poured into a mold. :-)  This was an activity we did every year when our kids were younger – it’s tons of fun.  My bars were ready to go in an hour.

Project Recipe:
Stamps:  JustRite 2" Square Decorative Frames, Decorative JustRite 2" Round Wide Borders, JustRite A Merry Little Christmas Borders and Centers
Paper:  None
Ink:  Memento Black Tuxedo
Accessories: LIfe of the Party Soap Molds (Michaels), LIfe of the Party Shea Butter Soap (Michaels), Grafix Rub-onz (Hobby Lobby),  Tombow Markers, Copic Markers, Cellophane Bags, Ribbon, Wire Mesh Basket.

 My gratitude for your sweet words and for stopping by today!

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Ellen P
December 17, 2009
9:40 am

These are just too darn cute! They would make great hostess gifts!

Jerri Kay
December 17, 2009
9:41 am

What a wonderful idea Becca, I love it! Thanks so much for sharing, these are so adorable and will look awesome in a guest bathroom during the holidays!

December 17, 2009
9:44 am

I’ve had some of this stuff for MONTHS and have yet to try it out! You’ve given me the incentive!! Thanks, Becca!

December 17, 2009
9:55 am

What a great idea and so beautifully done! Is it hard to make soap?

vicki dutcher
December 17, 2009
9:59 am

Becca – your projects are just amazing! You have such a creative brain!! LOL. TFS all your talent with us!

Kyle E.
December 17, 2009
10:00 am

Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea with us!! Merry Christmas, Becca!!

December 17, 2009
10:00 am

This is exciting Becca, I would never have thought of doing something like this with stamps. You are definitely blessed and sharing your talents must be your calling. Thanks so much! Have a blessed Christmas and may the Lord bless and keep you and yours.
“Hugs” Granny

December 17, 2009
10:04 am

Awesome as always. What a fabulous idea. These little soaps would make a great gift anytime of year. Thanks for sharing.

Becca Feeken
December 17, 2009
10:08 am

It’s very easy to make soap. I purchase premade stock from Michaels. You throw it in the microwave for about a minute then pour it into your mold. Mine bars were ready in about an hours.

Shirley Lee
December 17, 2009
10:09 am

Wonderful idea to make the soap look like candy! I make my own soap, and everyone hints around this time of year for more soap. I’m going to use your idea with the neighbors this year. Really cute. Happy Holidays!
Shirley L.
Roseville, CA

Sabrina aka okimom2girlz
December 17, 2009
10:36 am

Becca, your soaps are absolutey GORGEOUS!!!!What a fun little gift this will be. Have a wonderful Christmas and may God bless you beyond your expectations. Hugs, Sabrina

Sharon Harnist
December 17, 2009
10:37 am

Picking myself up off the floor … what a beautiful gift, Becca, and fabulous idea!!!

December 17, 2009
10:39 am

Fabulous idea!! I had never seen the Grafix Rub-onz . If you ever stop designing for JustRite or Spellbinders I am going to sit down and cry

December 17, 2009
10:55 am

How clever and beautiful Becca!! What a wonderful gift idea!

December 17, 2009
10:58 am

These are beautiful!

December 17, 2009
11:00 am

Becca – these are adorable!!!! These would make perfect gifts for my sister-in-law. She entertains several “high profile” guests so her guest bathroom is queen ready. These would look amazing on her vanity.

Thanks for an amazing idea

December 17, 2009
11:13 am

How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 17, 2009
12:15 pm

Get out of town!!!
What will you think of next…dang girl. I am overwhelmed.

Seriously, you inspire me every day. Thanks for using your gift to share with all of us craftlings.

Gloria Westerman
December 17, 2009
12:16 pm

Thank you Becca for the stamp idea and the soap idea. You are so kind and sweet……….

December 17, 2009
12:31 pm

FABULOUS ideas. You are like an endless encyclopedia of crafty knowledge GF!!! :)

December 17, 2009
12:40 pm

These are awesome – just too much fun!

December 17, 2009
2:10 pm

Those are beautiful! Your work is always inspiring! Where do you find the time to accomplish all these amazing creations?

December 17, 2009
3:43 pm

What a wonderful project. And I love the story behind it.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Debbie Reaves
December 17, 2009
4:52 pm

You never cease to amaze me. Your blog name is sooo you. AMAZING!

Thanks so much for all the time you spend to bring us your beautiful creations and talent.

You are a real jewel in the world of life!

take care and have a great Christmas!

Debbie Reaves

December 17, 2009
11:22 pm

You really and truly are amazing! Glad you’re back, we’ve missed you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Regina N
December 17, 2009
11:47 pm

These soaps Are absoulately beautiful.

December 17, 2009
11:52 pm

Beautiful, Becca. What a great idea…I just worry that my soap really would leave color – my luck!!!

December 18, 2009
3:01 am

Oh Becca you come up with some pretty amazing ideas!! This project is awesome. Beautiful. Must look out for that rub-on package.

December 18, 2009
4:22 am

wow Becca, what an awesome gift idea! I must say you have the patience of Job!

lois skiathitis
December 18, 2009
5:23 am

Beautiful soaps. I would tell people these are just for looking at don’t touch. These would make wonderful gifts for everyone. TFS!!! Becca.

Kathy J (Wattle)
December 18, 2009
7:24 am

Becca – you never fail to blow me away!!! How cool are these!!!!

December 18, 2009
9:31 am

I’m so with everyone else… this is fantastic! Great idea and job with them. … and I’m one who never comments so you have to know it good if I do! :)

Silke Ledlow
December 18, 2009
8:25 pm

Okay – you clever girl you….he,he,he….I totally love this!!! Fabulous looking soaps…I’m so gonna hunt this rub-on thingy down…!!! You rock – Becca!!!

Happy holidays!!! Hugs ~S~

Joan B
December 20, 2009
6:13 pm

good grief these are clever and adorable. thanks for sharing. Have a very Merry Christmas.

Wanda Williams
January 3, 2010
2:09 pm

Oh . . . my . . . goodness!!! I wish I had found this before Christmas, but I will be prepared for next Christmas!!! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful project!!!