JustRite Frilly Flower Bouquet – Corner Punching an Interior Frame Technique

Are you ready for Valentines Day?  It seems like it was just New Years and lo and behold a shocking look at the calender made me spring into action so that my sweetie will have a little surprise waiting for him on Valentines Day.   This is a flower bouquet very similar to a cookie bouquet he sent me one year.    The bouquet is made of 5 flowers and on each side of the flower I’ve stamped the reasons I love him so much.   Below you can see both sides of the flowers.  First the front side:

Then the flip side:

I’ll take you through the process of how I created them.  You will see that the flowers were made with a corner punch (are you surpised?) and the technique that I’ve used here is the same that I used on this Valentines Day Card HERE, it just looks different because of the way the punch was used.  I call this technique "Corner Punching an Interior Frame."

JustRite Frilly Flower Bouquet Supply List
JustRite Brayton Font Ribbon Scissors
Harmony Classic Circle Stamper II Ensemble Design Paper Glue Dots
Harmony Classic Oval Stamper II Ensemble Assorted Cardstock Popsicle Sticks
Spellbinders Classic Ovals Large Versamark Filler Grass
Spellbinders Classic Scalloped Circles Large Embossing Powders Clear Paint Can
Spellbinders Standard Circles Large
EK Success Punch  Pop Dots
Spellbinders Labels Four Small Heart Punch  

Okay, here we go. . .

For each frilly flower I stamped two sentiments using my JustRite Harmony Classic Round Stamper III with the heart border and the Brayton Font to make up the words of my choice.  Once stamped, I embossed each with embossing powder then cut/emboss each sentiment with my Spellbinders Standard Circle – the circle I used here is 2 3/8" in diameter.   I made a total of 10 sentiments for 5 flowers.

Next I cut a piece of cardstock 5 ½" x 5½" and cut a circle in the center with my Spellbinders Standard Circle measuring 1 7/8".  I needed 5 of these for my frilly flowers used an EK Success Corner Punch to cut the frills border from the interior circle. 

First I inserted the punch flip side so I could see the bottom and punched once. (See below)
For the next punch, to get my orientation, I inserted it with the punch right side up and next to the hole that I just punched.  (See below) 
Then I flipped the punch and cardstock over so that I could again see the bottom side of the punch, aligned according to the first punch adusting spacing as necessary.  (See below)

Then I completed the second punch.  (See below).  Continue this around the circle until there is no more room to insert another set of two punches.  (A word to the wise – practice first on plain paper to get the feel of how much spacing you will need.  I after a trial, I am able to judge it by sight – you will be able to also!)

Once you’ve completed punching around the circle, there are several clips that need to be made to free your frilly flower.  Start by clipping at the tip of each petal.  (See below)

 Next, clip at the base of each petal.  (See below)

Your frilly flower or your border is now free.  (See below)  I was able to do this process with each of my corner punches and the each make a fabulous and unique looking frame.

Now it is time to assemble each flower.    I cut/embossed scalloped circles for layering from my Spellbinders Scalloped Circles Large.  The scallped circle I used was 2 5/8"

Add pop dots and glue dots as shown below.  Keep the center of your scalloped circle clear as the popsicle stick needs to fit.

Stack the elements in a sandwich beginning with your first sentiment.  Add Scalloped Circle.  Add popsicle stick.  Add Frilly Flower.  Add Scalloped Circle.  Add second sentiment.  Finish by adding a piece of ribbon tied in a knot and secured onto stick with a glue dot.  (See below)

Here is the finished flower.  (See below)

To pull the bouquet together I used a clear paint can, some filler grass and floral foam.    (See below) I filled the can with the filler grass almost to the top, then arranged the flowers in the floral foam then put the arrangement in the can and disguised it with the grass.

The final touch for my arrangement was a label for my can stamped with "10 Thing I {Heart} About U" using the Brayton Font and my Harmony Classic Oval Stamper II.  I picked the dotted frame which matched the ribbon I was using.  I stamped and embossed this in red to match the embossing from the flowers.  The sentiment was then cut out with my Spellbinders Classic Oval Large, using the second largest oval, then mounted on a Spellbinders Labels Four die cut.

Check the the picture at the beginning of my post for final presentation.  It was truly a fun project and I hope you liked seeing how to make a new type of frame.

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    These are great. Stampin up doesn’t have corner punches, so will have to wait to go out of town to get some. I have one rather plain one that I will practice on. I did do a square frame for my husband’s valentine/anniversary card. I framed Corinthians verses from our wedding. I must say, thanks to your inspiration and direction, it looks wonderful. I cannot wait to give it to him. Won’t you be my neighbor?ReplyCancel

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