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Warm Winter Wishes

Sweet blog friends, how are you today?  I’m fab, really!!  I’ve had a little relief from the hip and leg pain (I’m

New Spellbinders: Light of the Soul

Hi there blog friends, as you may guess, the Spellbinders I’m showing today is a new one. I know you want to see what they look

The Love We Give

Greeting blog friends!  I hope your week has been a sweet one!  Today is finding me a little bit under the weather, but no worries. 

With Heart, the Impossible is Possible

Rescued from the scrap pile!!  Isn’t that every piece of paper’s dream?  Here’s my reasoning . . . if I’ve used

News to Share and a Card

Hi there blog friends, what a day!  This morning I settled down with a cup of Raspberry Chocolate Truffle coffee (new to me) out of my

Those Rare People

I just had to work with some different colors, but I still wanted to have and old vintage-y feel so I dug in my toss offs pile and came

Circle of Strength

Don’t forget about the Girls Paperie Blog Candy. It runs until sometime in the evening on Tuesday, May 31st. You can click

I Got Rubber Mail Today

Oh goodness, what is it this week with all the new rubber? I surrender, bring it on! I received a boatload of new stamps today, so

Each of Us

Hi there blog friends.  I’m bopping in very quickly to share a “different” card with you.  Here again, this is

Art is . . .

Hi there blog friends. I’m running in a million different directions today but I have a card I put together that I wanted to show.

Becca Bit: Card Framing/Composition

You still have a couple of days to get in on the Girls Paperie giveaway.  You can click —->HERE<—–to get to the

Peg Bow Tutorial: Figure Eight Loops

Hi there, as promised I’m back with the tutorial that shows a different way to make bows with the Peg Bow Maker.  It’s really a