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Swirling Grace Die Cut Ornaments and Tutorial

Sweet friends, recently I did a series on Die Cut Ornaments and this is one of the three die cut ornaments made for the season.  It’s

Saying Goodbye to a Favorite Die…

Hi there friends or rather hey, yall!  Today finds me creating at my desk, I’m editing dies, creating new dies and much, much more!

Day of Giving Friday: Peace on your Wings

Good morning sweet friends!  Day of Giving Friday is definitely on my mind – the winners list is current and a batch of cards is

Elegant Favor Basket for Turndown

Okay, it took me an entire day to recuperate my weekend of a coffee drinking, girl chatting, makeover preening, new clothes strutting, pee

Swirl Bliss Calendar

You’ll want to have a try at this flip calendar than can be updated year after year. The base is an acryilc photo frame.

My New Digs and Journal Trio Instructions

Good Morning sweet friends!  Whew, it’s been busy behind the scenes and you’ll notice I have a new look!  So today I’m

Gift Box Ensemble and a Giveaway

“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.” Sarah Dessen Don’t you just love that quote?  That’s why we make what we

Show Your Dinner Table Some Love

Good morning friends!  Who knew this weekend would be so busy!  Here’s what’s going on:  If you stopped by yesterday, you

Journal Trio Giveaway

Good morning friends!   Today I have a giveaway going on.  I’m showing you a sneak peek of the Journal Trio that is being featured

In Less Than An Hour

Good morning sweet friends!  I’m popping in to share a quick personal project I made . . .  because sometimes we turn our crafty