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We Remember

Do you all remember an old song from the 60’s – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me?   I had to laugh because I have a die

Tinkering with Two Tones

Hello there blog friends!  Well, it’s just a tone week isn’t it?  When I made my card yesterday I had a couple of other cards

Something Good is Always On The Way

You’re gonna think I’m chatty today.  I actually wrote this last week but got sidelined for a few days with an issue. 

Rescued from the Garbage Can

Yes it’s true!  Remember last week when I told you I had to clear a path to get to my table?  This was one of the items that kept

Happy Graduation Lauren

Hi there blog friends, so I have a story to tell you and need your help.  My sweet daughter is graduating from college tomorrow with her

Garden Delights

Hi there blog friends, where have I been?  I know, right!!  My blog has an owie that I’ve been trying to fix.  For now I’m

The Longest Journey

Dearest Blog Friends, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m travelling this week!!  While having an absolutely marvelous time, I

Faith is Knowing . . .

Good afternoon sweet friends!  I had not planned a card today but the Good Lord sent me some inspiration and all I could do was say Yes .

Life Is A Song . . . Sing It

Hi there blog friends, tell me I’m not crazy, please!  My received this envelope in the mail yesterday from my dear sweet friend

My Statement of Artistic Philosophy

Art is the sustenance that gives our creative souls the food it needs to dream, hope and create.   From my core I have a call to

Happy Valentines Day

Hi there blog friends!  I hope you all have a wonderful day . . . dinner . . . flowers . . . and  the queen treatment!  Whatever it takes

The Impossible is Possible

Hello sweet friends!!  Lol, I guess it would be ever so much an understatement that I’ve been slightly preoccupied.   The days are