I am so very thankful today…

…it doesn’t take much for me but stampers, bloggers and scrapbookers overflow with encouragement and I’m so thrilled that a couple have shared an award with me.  When someone takes the time to share a kind word, my goodness, it’s worth a million hugs.  Thank you so much Janine with 2BKrafty – what a doll you are as well as a source of daily inspiration!!    In addition, the award was also shared by Deb at IttyBittyInkspots .  This kind of generosity simply fills my sails!  I’ll run through my blog list to find some others  to pass this on to…in the meantime, heartfelt thanks.

  • Kelly VJuly 10, 2008 - 2:26 am

    Ok, what did I say, Becca? Love you and CONGRATS!!!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie OlsonJuly 14, 2008 - 12:18 am

    Oh, Becca, this is phenomenal! So lovely–sigh. . .ReplyCancel


This is a card that is going out to another friend…I just love it when I have the occasion to make one, and it’s not staying here.   My stamper friends and I joke about this all the time – we muse that sometimes it’s hard to let go of handmade cards if you know for certain that the recipient is going to throw it away.  I don’t worry about that so much any more but for those who might go there…I have a special stamp that I use on the back that warns them of all the bad things that will happen if they do throw it away.  If I can actually lay my hands on that sentiment, I’ll stamp it out here so that you all can see it – it’s really cute. 

Here again, I wanted to stay simple but felt I could still add something….so I cornered my DH for his opinion…..he hates it when I do this because he feels like he can’t win.  He knows that in my mind I’ve really already made a choice and now he has to try to guess what that choice might be.  This is the proverbial "Does my rear look too big in this outfit?"  question, but in stampers language it is the  "Is there something else I need to put on this card?" question.  He implored me to leave the card alone….I guess that was the answer I was looking for.  Honey, you win!!

Big hugs to all my stamping friends today, whether they have blogs or read blogs!!!  I’ve been catching up on email, comments and questions and today I just know that stampers and scrapbookers are the best.  So…is it just me or is there entirely too much new stamping stuff at one time for a person to sanely budget their purchases?  Note, I said sanely….I’m still trying to do some damage here, but after a trip to Hobby Lobby today, I just had to shut my eyes…..

Stamps:  Inkadinkado – Round Frames, Printworks – Elegant Patterns
Paper:  Bazzill
Inks:  Colorbox Chalk – Blush Rose, Colorbox Chalk –  Dark Peony
Accessories:  Faux Dew Drops, Ribbon, Nestabilities

  • HBJuly 8, 2008 - 4:41 am

    ooo’ this is so eye catching! I love that frame stamp!

    – thanks for the email! :)ReplyCancel

  • JanineJuly 8, 2008 - 5:43 am

    FAbulous!! Love the colors. Glad to see that you are on the mend. A trip to Hobby Lobby can make anyone feel better.. Wish we had those up here in Canada…
    Have a good one.ReplyCancel

  • Deb ZaJuly 8, 2008 - 9:33 am

    Love it! Especially the colors!

    And as far as too many things to sanely budget our money for–consider this: I’m also a quilter and do a lot of sewing. Yep–another whole batch of goodies I just “have to have” !!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon in NEJuly 8, 2008 - 10:22 am

    “Honey” was right! Perfect just as is.ReplyCancel

  • GiovanaJuly 8, 2008 - 1:48 pm

    This is absolutely pretty, just leave it as is. Awesome card.

    God bless

  • DebJuly 8, 2008 - 9:10 pm

    I visit you every day. Your work is amazing and I love everything you do. Such inspiration! I have something for you on my blog if you would please visit. Please read the top post.
    Thanks for such a wonderful creative place to be!

  • Charlene Austin (Willow01)July 8, 2008 - 11:42 pm

    LOL! Great post. Great card.

    Oh I {heart} HL. My SIL is here from Texas today so I was reiminicsing about the store from a past trip there. It would be a great day in Canada if we could get such a FAB store.ReplyCancel

  • Debbie OlsonJuly 9, 2008 - 1:40 am

    So beautiful, Becca–hubby was correct! Are you fully recovered?ReplyCancel

  • steph bailiffJuly 9, 2008 - 7:44 am

    This is gorgeous!

    Becky, does your warning stamp have anything to do with a voodoo doll? I have a couple DIFFERENT warnings. If you want some images, let me know.

    I love this card. :) I hope you’re doing well.ReplyCancel

  • Kay McBrideJuly 11, 2008 - 1:57 pm

    beautiful get well card, i love the round frame stamp. and everything else about it. just no words can really truly express my feelings toward your work. or maybe i just cant spell it!! TFS


A dear friend of my lost her father last week so I put together a sympathy card to send over.  I purchased this Stampendous set right before I went into the hospital not knowing I would be using it so soon.  The stamp set has really clean cut lines so I wanted to keep it simple.   The inside says "You are in my Prayers"

Stamps:  Stampendous – Encouraging Words
Paper:  Bazzill, Splattered Cardstock – ?
Ink:  Colorbox Chalk Ink – Olive Pastel
Accessories:  Mosaic Tiles, Ribbon


  • Charlene Austin (Willow01)July 7, 2008 - 1:53 pm

    I am always so sad when I hear that someone had to use a Sympathy stamp set. It’s a beautiful card and I am sure she appreciated it.ReplyCancel

  • dorisJuly 7, 2008 - 2:09 pm

    this card is stunning, I like simple designs which are elegant and creative way to share your feelings with people who are important to you. Prayer is precious gift, most important in difficult time…ReplyCancel

  • Kerry FitzpatrickJuly 7, 2008 - 6:48 pm

    Love the simplicity of this card!! It expresses the feelings so beautifully. I’m so sorry to hear of your friend’s loss.ReplyCancel

  • nancy bJuly 7, 2008 - 6:51 pm

    beautiful….I am sure this card meant alot to her. You are so thoughtful! And I am so happy you are back and feeling WONDERFUL!!! You were in my thoughts all weekend and I am praying for you today!ReplyCancel

  • JulieJuly 7, 2008 - 8:34 pm

    Becca, my mom is Jan from the Rubber Ladies and she turned me onto your blog. Your work is absolutely FABULOUS! I don’t get to look often but always look forward to catching up when I do! You are an amazing woman and truly an inspiration.ReplyCancel

  • JauniceJuly 7, 2008 - 11:26 pm

    Gorgeous card. I have that very set. I have used it for a sympathy card as well. I am really impress with your card.

    Jaunice MinorReplyCancel

  • JanineJuly 8, 2008 - 5:41 am

    Hi Becca!! This is such a pretty card… I really like this set too!ReplyCancel

  • Deb ZaJuly 8, 2008 - 9:30 am

    I’ve used this set for sympathy cards also–the sentiment is just so ‘right on the spot’ for what you want to say.ReplyCancel

  • GiovanaJuly 8, 2008 - 1:46 pm

    Really pretty card Becca. The colors, snetiment and image blend really well togehter.

    God bless

  • Kay McBrideJuly 11, 2008 - 1:52 pm

    nice card, im sure your friend will cherish it. it does blend well. TFS

  • Miss GJune 3, 2009 - 6:30 am

    Good Morning Becca

    This card was really on time for me I have a friend who just lost a baby and I am going to try this look (card) for her.
    Thank you again it’s really pretty colors and thoughtful of you, too.

    Have a blessed dayReplyCancel

  • PAM BARKERJuly 26, 2010 - 8:57 am